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Tax Returns

No one likes completing tax returns - except for us at Opes Tax!

We realise you want to be kept updated on tax changes and have timely communications regarding your tax liabilities. That's why our tax return service is much more than completing the forms and sending these to you for signature in advance of the deadline. We will:


  • take time out when preparing your tax return to identify any tax planning opportunities that may be suitable for you

  • quickly turnaround your tax return following receipt of all information

  • clearly explain how your tax liability/refund has arisen

  • meet with you to take you through your tax return

  • if you have to make payments on account, we will review them to see if their is scope to reduce them

  • review PAYE coding notices that you receive from HM Revenue & Customs and send to us (as we don't get sent a copy)

If you would like a free no-obligation meeting to discuss how we could help you, please get in touch. Alternatively we can email you a quote for completing your tax return.

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